Cost: ₪30 around $8.25 per month.

Netfree is unique among all the reliable filters, in that all images and videos are manually allowed. Meaning tht is is close to impossible for not tzius images to show up.


NetFree employs non-Jewish workers to screen the photos real time,
24 hours a day. Photos that were screened in the past do not need to be screened again.

NetFree uses  advanced technology  which provide the ability to access a wide range of sites, with high standard internal filtering.
NetFree filters the unwanted parts within any specific site while maintaining the original presentation of the site. Improper photos are blurred in a pleasant manner which does not disturb the surfing experience.

How does the screening work?

NetFree users enjoy a wide range of sites that have already been screened.
A site that was not screened yet will be screened upon request.
All requests are dealt with quickly and efficiently.

Every site requested by NetFree is categorized according to its level:

  • Full access to sites that have no problematic issues and no improper photos,
    such as Charedi sites, religious sites, etc.
  • Automatic word screening to sites that may contain improper contents.
  • Personal photo screening of sites that may contain improper photos.
    These sites have an option to report on any photo which was not properly screened by tabs which appear on the right site of the site.
  • Total blocking for sites of improper contents.

As soon as a user accesses a site that was categorized for the photo screening, all the photos contained in the site are automatically sent to the system for screening. The photos are screened by non- Jewish employees, in most cases within a few seconds.
After the photos have been screened once, the non-problematic photos are available to all users.

In order to screen the text, we have developed software that automatically recognizes improper wording. The software censors the improper sentences.
In cases of extended improper text, the system will block the entire page.

Personal settings

The sites available by NetFree can be reduced by request.
Each NetFree customer can setup a personal screening profile and define his own account: a black or white list or the access or blocking of sites according to key words.
In addition, you can define access or blocking during certain days and hours.

How do i sign up? Click here to be directed to the Netfree site. It may be a little complicated, to setup Netfree  and if you require assistance, Netfree is supported by many TAG offices.