Android filtering options  (Android  versions 4.4 – 9.0) As of July 2018.

Not all devices can be filtered. Older devices especially, do not have the operating system or enough RAM to allow the filters to operate effectively.

Filtering Options Feature Price
Gentech Filters content and images and has skin tone coloring. Full customer support department. Filters full browser,

Google and Apps

$13 per month or

$140 per year

  Filters Apps only-

Blocks  Google, and  browser entirely.

$85 per year
Netspark Filters content and images   Filters full browser,

Google and Apps

$70 per year
Block ALL Data Blocks all data including email, waze etc. Allows calling and text messages only. $0

(available only through TAG offices)


Q. I don’t even want internet – just my apps. Do I even need a filter? Why can’t I just use an Applock like before?

A.You absolutely  need a filter. Since the majority of apps contain access to Facebook, Google and Youtube, even people who do not want any internet (websites) still have access. In addition, the newer updated operating systems rendered the use of an Applock useless as they created significant loopholes. (These filters can be configured to block internet as well.)

Q.What is the difference between Netspark and Gentech?

A. There are a couple of differences between Netspark and Gentech.

  1. Gentech uses a proxy to filter. 
  2. Netspark uses a VPN. 
  3. Netspark supports Android 4.0 and higher. Gentech supports 5.0 and higher.

Q. What is the difference between Gentech-Full Internet and Gentech Apps Only?

A. There are only two differences between Gentech-Full Internet and Gentech Apps Only. (besides price)

  1. Gentech Full Internet allows general internet searching through Chrome or internet App including Google, (filtered, of course).
  2. Gentech Apps Only- does not allow internet searching, it only allows your apps to work- and be filtered. Everything else is exactly the same. Also, any new app needs to be requested it can’t just be downloaded.

Q. Which one should I choose?

A. That depends on you and your device. The following questions are designed to guide you.

  1. Is price a big deal? Netspark
  2. Do you look up everything on Google? If yes, do NOT select Apps Only.
  3. Do you only use your phone for talk and text message? Select Block All but keep in mind the limitations that no data will work. Including E-Mail, Whatsapp, Waze etc..