What devices PurifEYE filter?

Purifeye supports Windows computers, Apple computers  iPhone/Pod/iPad and  Android devices.

What does PurifEYE do?

They try to filter out adult content or of a generally enticing nature. This includes p-graphy, lingerie content, and the like. We also prevent access to intrusive advertising and pop-ups.

Purifeye currently offer these filtering options:

1) Light: designed for the professional that wishes to avoid explicit content. Filtering is minimal and is not recommended for children, teenagers or anyone hoping to block out all alluring content.

2)  Professional: similar to “Light”  but with stricter filtering. Designed for a professional that requires access to specific sites that may contain content that may otherwise be limited.

3) Moderate: allows for filtered access to the web while blocking access to most movie / TV sites. Recommended for daily family use.

4) Default: Similar to “Moderate” but with stricter filtering and limited access to YouTube. Recommended for Teenagers.

5) Strict: strict filtering rules, no access to image search or YouTube. Recommended for teenagers, children and those that require strict web filtering.

6) SchoolLimited web-access. Designed for Schools and institutions that wish to strictly limit web access.

7) High-School:  Similar to the above but more lenient. Designed for maturer students.

8) White-listonly allows access to a set list of websites. These websites include: education, religious content, banking and the like. Web-sites can be added on request.

How much does it cost? Prices range from $2.55 per month for one device to $7.10 for p to 8 devices. Click here for more information.

How do i sign up? Click on this link.

How do I get support? They currently have email only support. send an e-mail to query@purifeye.net.